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Mortgage Consultant

The mortgage consultant is responsible for soliciting new residential mortgage business as well as maintaining and servicing any existing portfolio, referred Mlend and/or builder business. The Mortgage Consultant must develop and maintain a quality network of relationships that will serve as a constant source of referrals for new mortgage lending opportunities. We are committed to provide exceptional home loan service to consumers and business partners.

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Mortgage Processor

The Mortgage Loan Processor is responsible for processing loan documents and ensuring completeness of the loan file for submission to underwriting and closing. Processors review borrower employment, income, assets, and closing fund sources to validate qualification for the loan program.

Primary Responsibilities
•Maintain loan data records in Encompass (loan origination system); ensure records are accurate and up-to-date and contain documentation of all loan-level information
•Work closely with Loan Originators, Underwriters, and Closers as well as third parties such as credit reporting agencies, title companies, and employers to document and complete loan files for submission.
•Ensure Encompass data is accurate when issuing disclosures
•Provide support as necessary to ensure the origination and completion of mortgage loans

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Mortgage Loan Closer

Mortgage Loan Closers work in a paperless environment to prepare closing documents and ensure that the documentation meets compliance standards. Loan closers are responsible for reviewing the loan application package for completeness, ensuring that any closing conditions are met, as well as working with both inside and outside partners to ensure a smooth closing process.

Primary Responsibilities
• Work in collaboration with title companies to prepare the Closing Disclosure
• Confirm file and disclosure meets all regulatory standards
• Ensure Encompass (loan origination system) data is accurate
• Review and utilize compliance system report to ensure all loan data is compliant
• Facilitating funding of loans

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Mortgage Loan Post Closer

The Post-Closer is responsible for facilitating the sale and transfer of mortgage loans to the end investor.

Primary Responsibilities
• Review of closed loan packages for compliance and completeness. Prompt delivery of packaged loans to the end investor.
• Ensure that all purchasing conditions requested by the end investor are obtained and returned with the highest level of urgency to expedite purchasing.
• Prompt transfer of MERS, activation of any mortgage insurance
• Government Insuring
• Final document delivery

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